Particular importance is given by Aureli Soil Srl to the geothermal science sector. A complete and functioning service is offered standing from the geothermal feasibility study up to the implementation of the plant.

• Feasibility studies to construction of low-enthalpy geothermal systems;
• Realization of vertical geothermal probes (sgv), according to the best tecniques and in accordance to environment regulations on groundwater;
• Practical preparation for the authorization process;
• Support by qualified personnel;
• On site checks of the project parameters;
• Execution of the thermal performance tests (thermal response test);
• Final trail probes.

Based on the principle of heat exchange, geothermal energy allows to heat and cool a building by exploiting the difference in temperature between the subsoil (constant over time) and the external environment. The installation of vertical geothermal probes, combined with a heat pump or air conditioning, allows the realization of the heat exchange and the obtaining of the necessary heat for a building during the winter or summer cooling. These systems allow a long lasting yield over time and an excellent economic investment, thanks to the increase in the value of the building.