If there are conditions of instability of the soil, which are slopes or foundation soils, consolidation measures are necessary, Aureli Soil Srl performs consolidation works such as Micropiles and Tie Rods. These consolidation works consist of metal pipes, inserted into the ground through a perforation and anchored by injecting a cement-sand-water mixture to the outside and inside the armature of the metal tube.


The micropile is a foundation pole with dimensions between 90 and 300 mm in diameter and a variable length from 2 up to 50 meters. The fields of application of this indirect foundation are manifold:
• Consolidation of soil;
• Construction of tie rods and anchors;
• Restoration of damaged foundations;
• Consolidation of direct foundations from reduced bearing capacity.

These are made up of steel pipes, which are inserted into the ground and sealed with cement mortar. The steel tubes that form the core of the pole can be closed or drilled, through the openings the mortar is filtered so as to form a homogeneous covering, so as to obtain an excellent contact between the soil and the borehole.


The tie rods are structural elements that work on traction and are used to stabilize walls, slopes or to anchor bulkheads or retaining walls. The function of a tie rod is to embed a force at the head and retransmit it to the ground in depth at the foundation. A tie rod consists of the armature, the protective sheaths and the spacers. The tie rods can be distinguished both in temporary and definitive:
The Temporary tie rods are tie rods for which a service life of not more than two years is foreseen. They are used in temporary structures for the containment of bulkheads or for structures which, once they have been completed, no longer require the static function of the tie-rod.
The Definitive tie rods are permanent tie rods with a service life of more than two years. The minimum anticorrosive protection around the reinforcement of the tie rod must be constructed from a single continuous layer of anti-corrosion protective material which does not degrade during the service life of the tie rod.

Aureli Soil Srl is able to install two types of rods: Bolt stand tie rods and Tension bar tie rods.

In Bolt stand tie rods the reinforcement is generally constituted by a certain number of steel strands; generally it consists of a plate and the relative locking device. The free part that serves only the transmission of the load, the foundation which is the part along which the load is transmitted to the ground.

Tension bar tie rods are made by inserting into the perforation of bars with improved adhesion in which the various elements are connected by means of jointing sleeves. In this way all the possible lengths can be realized, thus avoiding all the problems resulting from the use of stranded strands with a predefined length.